Teodora Hristova

My work focuses on how mapping can be incorporated with Design. The whole concept is to explore imaginative representations of an imaginary world in the form of diorama (three- dimensional miniature model of a landscape which is living sculpture with effects of real water and plants). The most important thing about the diorama is that it can be viewed from all angles. In my work this landscape is transformed into a geometric diorama using pyramid forms. One of the reasons I focused on this form is because some of the greatest structures in the world are pyramids for example the Egyptian Pyramids. Using this shape also defines the shadow and the angles better and they play an important role in terms of curves and volume. In order to achieve this, I am using 3D software and 3D printing. This piece focuses on the new technology, which is increasingly incorporated in the Art and Design world today. With this work I am showing the impact of digital technology on creative practice.