Francesca Ivaldi

The Greener Pastures series is a collection of mixed media pieces that visualise the Black British experience. The intention of the series is to explore and depict the deeply ingrained relationship  between Britain and Jamaica through collages, prints and photographs. The inspiration for this project was sparked by a trip to Jamaica in 2015. The contrast between the urban areas of south London where Jamaican migrants settled throughout the 1950s and the vibrant landscapes of rural Jamaica formed the subject of a photography project. These photographs, along with a variety of printed materials were used to create compositions which convey a unique social narrative.

‘There Ain’t No Black in the Union Jack’ by Paul Gilroy became a major influence on this body of work. Gilroy’s text presents a powerful insight in contemporary attitudes towards race, addressing the complex journey we have faced to become a multicultural nation. The intention of Greener Pastures is to visually communicate some of the issues presented within Gilroy’s text.