Naomi Henderson

By attempting to re-sculpting the modern landscape, my works brings together a variety of discordant materials, such as plastic waste, found materials, building materials and live, organic matter, to initiate a visual conversation on material consideration and construction. By re-using discarded mediums in new ways, the ‘compounds’ act in retaliation to the ‘throw-away’ culture we currently live in.

The recent unearthing of the ‘Plastiglomerate rock’ provides us with a new geological marker, formed in a way similar to that of my making; through the fusing together and re-assembly of seemingly incompatible materials, creating new hybrid forms as a result.

The aim is to comment on and imitate these hybrid compounds whilst further using them as a utopian building tool. Construction becomes more architectural yet unstable through imitating the art of rock balancing, as the works try to hint at new approaches to using plastic as an alternative, sustainable material. Humankind’s progressive ‘artificial’ world must maintain order and balance to avoid instability between the ‘natural’ and ‘synthetic’. Plastic, a once revolutionary material, has comfortably situated itself within our everyday, but are we best using it in the reformation of our landscape?