Sian Jones

During my time at the University of Leeds I have specialised in Womenswear design; the area in which I am seeking employment in upon graduation.

This final year has given me the opportunity to experiment with my design aesthetics, by building a portfolio of five different collections, following three concepts: ‘Smoke’, ‘Trainlines’ and ‘Art Deco’. I have also created an ‘Innovation’ collection for which I have constructed two outfits, as displayed.

My Innovation concept was to design a sleek, contemporary collection that was specially designed to keep the wearer warm, without sacrificing the look. To achieve this I collaborated with ‘Reed: Chillcheaters’, who are a successful outdoor-activity clothing specialist, who are unique in that they have designed their own specialist endurance fabrics, which are wind and waterproof. They have never been used in a fashion outcome before, enabling me to introduce endurance fabrics into contemporary design.