Megan Botting

My art work explores gender ambiguity and human sexuality through the creation of feminine underwear for men. The amalgamation of this theme and the medium of stitching underwear was decided due to the personal aspect of underclothing. I became fascinated by the idea that underwear is hidden underneath our clothing and wanted to expose and celebrate the underwear, rather than suppress it. Inspired by styles from the past 100 years and by the notion of queer theory, I wanted to create male underwear that was not particularly practical by combining features from both female and male underclothing, such as lace, beading, ribbon and silk united with the masculine shape of the boxers and the y-fronts. From subtle womanly embellishments on a seemingly normal pair of boxers, to an ultra-feminine, fuchsia, silk thong, these pieces of sewn art challenges the audience to question the need of gender and celebrates the diversity of sexuality.