Kate Brady

Concerned with the intersection between art and design, my work explores a combination of functionality and aesthetic appeal. This installation focuses on the desire to remove art objects from conventional ‘white-walled’ gallery spaces, instead placing them into domestic environments and giving them practical uses.

A fascination with geometry has led to the incorporation of the 5 regular polyhedra: the Platonic Solids. Inspired by their aesthetical properties of symmetry, order and balance, the forms of these solids have been used to create various functional items of furniture or décor. The ‘cube’ and the ‘tetrahedron’ are designed as book ends; the ‘octahedron’ as modular bean bags; the ‘icosahedron’ as a pendant light fitting; and the ‘dodecahedron’ as a plant pot. Thus, these functional art objects have been placed in a mock-up interior environment to demonstrate their potentiality,   considering an awareness of composition and working with architectural space. Accompanied with the life-size installation is a trio of maquettes, which display my working process. Presenting various interior layouts and different polyhedral furnishings, there is a focus on ‘the miniature’ in these small models. They spark childhood memories of small objects, toys or dolls houses; therefore the viewer psychologically enters them, experiencing architectural space in a unique and imaginative way.