Jasmine Mellor

This collection was inspired by the S/S 17 prints and graphics trend ‘Tropical Iridescence’. What interested me about this trend is its fierce portrayal of florals. Florals are often associated as being delicate, beautiful and feminine, however this trend is quite the opposite. Instead, the florals are composed of expressive marks upon dramatic backdrops and bursting with loud, bold colours and neon hues. Using this trend as a starting point, the key components have been applied to traditional country florals, a favourite in the textile design world. It is hoped that this new take on country  florals has given them a fiercer and bolder visual aesthetic. The designs have been created for luxury interiors, specifically soft furnishings such as cushions and furnishing fabric. Spilt into two, the first collection is loud, busy and built up whereas the second collection features looser mark making and linear movement with a greater focus on negative space and textured backgrounds.