Deniche Leoncio

Young textiles designer from the University of Leeds, also has a background on fashion and design study from BTEC. Deniche’s design style represents feminine, delicate and elegant. Nature is her source of tool for design inspirations. Flowers such as hydrangea and blossom flowers trees have inspired her current project. She began this project by observing the arrangement of flowers and their colours. Which is then expressed on her visual drawing skills with series of watercolours drawings, and introduced her very own interpretation of design that can translate into fabric design.

On the technical side, to achieve the colour of the material, chiffon fabric has been hand dyed. On the surface, hand embroidery floral motifs works (representing the blossom flowers), and design element (also with same background fabric), created a three dimensional motifs, which represents the hydrangea. These design elements are designed for ladies garments either as the main  material or also works as decorative elements that can be seen on cuffs, collar or pockets.