Bronte Jeffrey-Mann

This digital print collection explores vibrant, tropical botanicals integrated with exotic bird feathers, specifically the iconic peacock feather. These subject matters have been explored through a range of techniques and experimentation, with a focus on elegance and opulence. The designs are stylistically complex, trend led and show good use and variety of colour, to produce high-end digitally printed designs, applicable to a premium womenswear clothing and accessories market. Mark making and colour were explored and then digitally transformed into textile designs. Personal interpretations of floral and feather imagery provided original, stylised motifs, in a highly saturated, commercial marketplace.

Following experience within fashion buying, my career aspirations involve working in a buying team, combining my textile knowledge and creative flair with strong business understanding. As a designer, I offer a strong eye for detail and a meticulous nature, which are transferable skills to develop a career as a commercial retail buyer.