Chloe Dunn

My final collection INTERACT encourages customer personalisation. Throughout the early development of my work I wanted to incorporate elements of increased interactivity within the garments. By envisioning pieces in which the wearer can control the silhouette, I considered features that would provide this personalisation.

Looking into zip seams, I felt this would be an effective way of allowing customers to transform the silhouette of a product. By opening the seams, a customer can wad the exterior panels to create an altogether different and unique aesthetic. Effectively, a garment can transform from a soft, light handle to a product more voluminous and robust.

Inspiration for my designs also came from research into work wear essentials. These highlight comfort, function and durability, elements I wanted to draw attention to throughout. As each element throughout industrial workwear is highly considered, blending together design and protection, I took these ideals forward into my collection.