Aimee Fawcett

My final collection is made entirely out of military surplus, including wool blankets, net, chef jackets, parachute fabric and cord. The collection is inspired by silhouettes from the late 1940’s to mid-1950’s, and the patterns and stitch details within the collection are inspired by those on parachutes. The collection incorporates the use of needle felting, and the use of parachute fabric to embellish the wool blankets, to create my own camouflage.

I have a strong interest in colour, textiles, fabric manipulation and fabric. My interest in fabric broadened beyond my design modules, when I focused my dissertation on Compression garments, finding out whether the fabric they are made from does enhance an athlete’s performance or not.

I have completed a year in industry at the brand Temperley London, working in both the Product development and Studio departments which has strengthened many skills, and allowed me to gain a wealth of experience within a high end brand.