Bryony Hatrick

Raf Simons X Oxfam: A collection inspired by upcycling

With inspiration from British artist, David Hockney, I have designed an upcycling collection for Raf Simons in collaboration with Oxfam. In Hockney’s photocollages, he takes photos of a singular subject using different perspectives and compiles them together, creating movement and the idea of the human vision in one still image. This can be seen in the clothing by the juxtaposing mixture of fabrics and panelling. Working with Oxfam is appropriate due to the upcycling nature of the collection, but also raises awareness of the charity, which is something I feel passionate about. To further emphasise the importance of Oxfam, I worked with illustration artist, Lydia Hamblet, to design customised garments, introducing a modern take on upcycling.