Amy Sculley

The initial inspiration for my final project came from the description of the Heimtextil 2016/17 trend ‘Protect’. It is the phrase ‘increasingly feel the desire to switch off and do ourselves some good’ that I was immediately drawn to, to create a strong background concept to produce knitwear from.

To switch off immediately made me think of dreaming/ day dreaming to get away from busy and monotonous day to day normalities. To cloud watch and star gaze is often associated with dreaming, floating away and forgetting about things.

Using hand knitting techniques, I wanted to evoke this dream-like magical sense through soft, fluffy yarns, tonal colour blending and hand embellishment. Within my work, the use of traditional processes to create wearable yet innovative and striking knitwear is the end goal, bringing hand craft to a fast paced design world in a new way is exciting.