Yifan Wang

The main purpose of my sculpture is to reflect on the heaven palace of ancient China, especially the architecture and the geographic features. My work was inspired by a well-known Chinese myth (The story of the Monkey King) and other cultural legacies of China. The story describes the Monkey King’s fight against the Emperor and his ministers in the heaven palace. This also reflects on the political climate of ancient China.

The idea of my work is to integrate ancient Chinese culture with modern technologies. In my work, I try to create a scenario about the Monkey King fight in the heaven palace.

Building the miniature architecture is the hardest challenge; the structure of traditional Chinese architecture is complicated and well calculated. To reduce the risk, I started to build the architectures by using 3D printing. As a new technology, 3D printing has a lot of advantages as it provides an extremely detailed and refined shape. In this instance 3D printing proved far better than handcraft making and in turn provokes interesting commentary on how to reference ancient art and culture with our most contemporary construction techniques.