Naomi Baxter

My collection is titled ‘Versatility of Woman’. During my year in industry I worked for the company Great Plains – French Connection, and became aware of a lack of both traditional techniques and durable, hard wearing fabrics that were affordable for women. I combined these elements by using techniques including Macramé, Knitting, Embroidery and Appliqué to bring a feminine style to the waterproof, fleece and wind resistant fabrics.

My final pieces include an embroidered fleece and dress with a pleated waterproof skirt combined with fabric paint and silver free-hand machine embroidery. The second outfit consists of a waterproof waxed cotton coat featuring a macramé hem, with hand embroidered waterproof trousers and a hand knit top, exploiting the water resistant and warm nature of the merino wool. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Leeds University and look forward to using my skills in industry in the future.