Micheala Davies

My specialism is within Structured Textile focussing on knitting form and shape using a dubied machine. Wellbeing and a healthy mind has been the drive forward within my specialism, natural colours within our surroundings through my own personal discovery has directed me through my project.

Throughout the last year my focus has been on the application of how a knitted fabric can make someone feel through sensory and how the skin reacts to different textures. Manipulation and form of the knit has been key within this project, looking at how the yarn feels in a relaxed state to when it’s moved changes how someone feels.

After University I’ve been accepted to do my teacher training which I intend to put my knowledge and understanding of knit back into mainstream schools. The need for change within textiles teaching is evident which I explored within my dissertation, textiles needs to be more of a life skill than a hobby.