Lucy Charnley

Specialising in structured textiles, I have combined hand and machine knit processes to create two knitwear collections. The initial inspiration for the project came from the vibrant colours and organic textures found in Cornish seascapes. Printing techniques combined with colour experimentation achieved preliminary investigation of colours and textures to inform knitted fabrics. Both collections utilise and combine hand, domestic and dubied knitting processes to create expressive womens knitwear. Through the process of creating my own knitted yarn, collection one displays unconventional shaping along with chunky cabling techniques, to both emphasise and distort the form of the body, creating threedimensional shaping within the garment.

Collection two focuses on the combination of materials, incorporating colour and texture into the integral structure of knitted fabrics. The intention of the project was to create an eclectic collection of vibrant knitwear, using unconventional techniques to communicate the bold and expressive nature of Cornish seascapes.