Kang Gao

In a Flash

The ideal work for my degree show is something that carries a strong awareness of space. Instead of making one piece of work, which occupies a certain space, I am more concerned with creating my own immersive space that will bring the viewer a quirky experience whereby they participate with the work as well as observe it.

This ideal space should consist of the important three characteristics I am most interested in for now, which are infinity, interaction and reaction through the application of the latest technology. First of all, the thought of infinity has come from my desire to create a space without limitation in a limited space. Interaction and reaction are the core concepts of the piece and this requires a total sense of immersion. The created space has to somehow communicate with viewers and sound-triggered lighting is the most appealing device to me because light and sound are visible and audible but not physically tactile. To achieve the sound-triggered light, I had to master certain software and hardware such as Processing and Arduino to control the lights. In my point of view, it is really important to use the latest technologies for contemporary artistic creation, which responds and reflects our own era, just like early Modern art movements used industrial material as their main feature. I am particularly fascinated by the approach contemporary society has to an epoch of space. The French philosopher Foucault’s concept of Heterotopia most interests me as it refers to ‘other’ space and approximations of utopian or fragmented parallel worlds.