Mollie Rose Garcia

A series of what can be referred to as self-portraits depicting a sensory, bodily experience through video, collage and sculpture.

I have been viewing the body as a machine, a mechanical object that keeps us alive. When the mechanics we rely on and live within are broken or damaged we are helpless to reverse it in the immediate moment. We are forced to live through the frightening thoughts and feelings of being damaged forever. Is it really us who are in control of the machine? Or is the machine in control of us?

Through observing the body as object and event I have created abstract works that signal towards specific senses, with particular concentration on touch. Still images have been sewn together through various videoediting programs, which of course means the machine was heavily involved in the making process of this body of work. The final outcomes represent the fuzz of pins and
needles, loss of sensation, numbness and malfunction of the machine.

When viewing the works I hope to create some form of phenomenological experience, where the viewer can relate to their own experiences of “the machine” malfunctioning, pins and needles or any other bodily experience.