Ellen McLoughlin

Image 1 and 2:
For my final year project I chose the topic of Anarchism. In my research I identified Anarchism as one of the most misunderstood political ideologies. To help people understand the ideology better I focused on presenting anarchism in an understandable, accessible and visually interesting way using illustration and typography. The project aims to introduce people to anarchism – bridging the gap between no knowledge and basic understanding. The name “Option A” suggests the idea that Anarchism is an option that people should take into consideration when addressing the future of our society.

Image 3:
For a brief to encourage people to re-engage with printed photography, my solution was an analogue camera hire service that allows customers to rent a “vintage” camera for the day, and to receive their photos in a printed album. This re-engages them with analogue photography, and builds upon the love for printed photographs as a way of preserving memories.