Rebecca Devlin

The three pieces shown aim to combine art/design and craft skills with graphic design to produce interesting textures and effects for each project.

BECO project (final year project) – Branding, editorial and clothing design, as well as business skills such as budgeting and sourcing material to ensure the project can continue. The project aims to enhance Leeds by providing a space for dancers to train, simultaneously livening up the city by filling empty commercial spaces.

Elmwood – The Catch – Aiming to encourage the audience to print more photos, The Catch consisted of a zine, website and event focused on photographers and artists sharing their skills to encourage everyone to be more creative in their photography and display.

YCN – Royal Opera House – Encouraging young people to attend opera by focusing on the story and emotion as opposed to the singing and stereotypical imagery associated with opera. Several stories were given a modern twist, referring solely to the main plot point.