Phoebe Rolls

I have been largely influenced by the likes of Francesca Woodman and Robert Mapplethorpe, stemming from their investigation into the human body and the social challenges that nudity  produces. My work deals with how the nude is perceived in a contemporary context, in relation to traditional poses previously associated with the Pre-Raphaelite and Renaissance art period. My photographs explore themes such as shape, gender and environment. Viewing the raw, nude figure in a different light and seeing it, not as a person, but as a celebrated art from. I play with space,  such as the great outdoors and the lavish interiors of old stately homes; though the body always remains the focal point of the image. In my photographs I wish to challenge the preconceptions held in the minds of the public, in relation to nakedness as taboo; instead transfiguring the bodies from the over exposed naked, to the artistic nude.