Kayleigh Naysmith

How many times do you hear someone saying things like ‘I am so OCD about this’? I know I hear it a lot, at least once every single day. The term OCD these days is casually dropped around like an adjective, usually to describe ‘quirks’ when in actual fact Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a devastating illness, and is ranked as “the tenth most disabling medical condition” (Adam, 2014)

Using the term OCD not only belittles the illness itself, but it also causes negative impact towards sufferers – Social media is filled with memes that are offensive.

This project aimed to tackle the misconceptions of OCD by using REAL LIFE stories written by sufferers, thus educating society about the destructive effects of the disorder. These stories were brought to life using hand rendered techniques and were compiled into a book, plus they featured on social media and a blog.

Goodbye OCD Stigma.

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