Jude Maher Kaddoura

“Art making is not about telling the truth but making the
truth felt” Christian Boltanski

My work is very personal and driven by my own thoughts and experiences; it explores the power of absence that is able to signify presence, looking at trace as a form of memory. Experiencing the loss of my brother at a very young age has traumatized me to this day, thus playing a role that stimulates my work. Therefore, my practice focuses on the idea of loss, grief and trauma through the use of the body, all the while exploring the ability to make art our of our memories and feelings. The body of work contains three various body casts that are either suspended from the ceiling or  laid on the floor, each cast resembling a different stage of grief. Moreover, the addition of Arabic script on the casts explores a personal letter to the loved ones we have lost. Materiality plays a vital role in the ability to connect with the viewers, I chose to use cast as the main material as it is able to portray the idea of shrouding and the decease of one’s body.