Jingsi Wang

Green Datura – Hope

The theme of this design is Green Datura which is a special flower from Tibetan Buddhism. Different colours’ Datura have various meaning. Green Datura stands for hope, so the main colour is green. These circles imitate mandala which is a circular design in Buddhism to symbolise the universe. Therefore, there is based on Datura to complete circular motif design.

Plum blossom – Elegant & lofty

The theme of this design is Plum Blossom which is a ringleader of flowers in Chinese traditional culture. It stands for elegant and lofty. According to the historical phrase of ‘xi shang mei shao’, a popular phrase about plum blossom, this design uses magpie and plum blossom that symbolises good fortune. The colour used red and black to be the main idea, which imitates the atmosphere of Chinese traditional water and ink painting, so it used Chinese traditional drawing technique to complete pattern design.