Daisy Petley

Depicting the figure in various forms of space, my practice explores the effects of juxtapositions between absence and presence, life and the static, light and dark. Each image engages with the process of looking, altering both perceptions and preconceptions of reality. By looking at scenes of the everyday, the interior and exterior with both presence and absence of the figure, I develop how these images can present a new subversive space. Through video and sound I have been able to disrupt the system of the familiar and distort a known reality, influenced by film noir, surrealism and examinations of the depiction of women. Conversations begin with shadows, reflections are no longer your own, and the path of a walking figure is lost, depicting the uncanny in-between what’s real and what’s fabricated image. The elements combined allow us all to get a little lost in our familiar, and place you in a reality only the camera can capture.